What You Need To Know Before Moving To Las Vegas

Erika Bentley
Published on July 29, 2018

What You Need To Know Before Moving To Las Vegas

Are you thinking about or planning to move to Las Vegas?

There is a lot more to Sin City than casinos, buffets, and shows!

Vacationing here and living here are two very different things, but both are spectacular. In today’s post, we are sharing some of the lesser-known elements to life in America’s playground that you should know if before you move here.  

There’s A Big Difference Between Downtown & The Stip

downtown las vegas

Unlike most cities where the downtown area is home to all the action, Vegas has two very separate and very different action-packed areas. The famous strip lies a few miles away from downtown, and although the two are close geographically, to some, they feel like different worlds. Thanks to a dramatic revitalization, the downtown area is attracting a lot of new residents, while the strip remains a tourist’s paradise.

Summers Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Yes, it is the dessert. However, the heat here is not as insufferable as you think it is. You will still be grateful for central AC, and you’re going to want to park in a shady spot, but the lack of humidity here makes the heat more comfortable. More often than not, it is the humidity which makes you more uncomfortable than the temperature itself.

The Cost Of Living Is Lower Than Most

Living in Las Vegas means paying less for just about everything from meals and groceries to utilities and housing. When compared to most major cities all over the United States, Vegas ranks as being one of the most affordable by a long shot. Luckily, the job market is also strong thanks to the hospitality industry and the migration of major companies like Zappos.

Las Vegas Weekends Are For Exploring

Obviously, this city is famous for gambling. However, there is so much more to do and explore in and around this fabulous town. Outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and skiing are always available. If sports are more your thing, you have plenty of options for fishing, golfing, tennis, etc.. There are endless options for entertainment all within a two or three-hour drive, so you will never find yourself bored.

The Locals Are Extra Friendly

Thanks to the number of locals that work in the hospitality industry, you will find that most people here are more than just a little friendly. This town was built on tourism and those that base their paychecks on it go through life here grateful and cheerful. When you move to Las Vegas, you will instantly feel like a member of the club, rather than a newcomer trying to earn their stripes.

Thinking Of Moving To Las Vegas?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why the locals consider themselves lucky to call Las Vegas home.

There is so much more to this city than what most think, and life here is richer than the chocolate mousse at Morton’s (a must try next time you’re in town).

If you are even slightly on the fence about moving to Las Vegas, we would love to show you why will be thrilled to buy your next home here. Please get in touch with us, and let us know how we can help you come home to Sin City.

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What You Need To Know Before Moving To Las Vegas
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