Mountains Edge Houses For Sale Las Vegas NV!

Community Spirit in Mountains Edge

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Home in Mountains Edge, Las Vegas NV!

There are plenty of reasons to move your family to the picturesque master-planned community of Mountains Edge, just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a House in Mountain’s Edge:

  1. In 2008, Mountain’s Edge was voted the nation’s number one emerging master-planned community.
  2. If you’ve always been drawn to nature, Mountain’s Edge is the place for you. The community’s natural setting is due to the numerous parks around the region.
  3. There are plenty of great schools within close reach of Mountain’s Edge, including several within the community itself.
  4. Almost all the homes and buildings in the community were constructed after 2005, so the charm of the community integrates well with modern amenities in all available homes.
  5. Mountain’s Edge is home to a wide variety of neighborhoods with homes in different styles and price ranges, so if you’re browsing Mountain’s Edge houses for sale in the Las Vegas area with aims to buy, it’s highly likely you’ll find a space you can see your family living in.
  6. Mountain’s Edge offers residents the absolute best of both worlds; you’ll find yourself mere minutes from the world-class dining, entertainment and fun of the Las Vegas strip, but also still be able to get involved in philanthropy and communal activities including walks, runs and family oriented events around the area.
  7. In this idyllic community, you won’t feel isolated. A short drive from highways 15 and 215, Mountains Edge houses are close enough both to California and the Vegas strip to offer convenient transportation to both.
  8. Strategically placed to be insulated from the airport and major freeways without being too far away, Mountains Edge boasts one of the lower crime rates in the area.
  9. There are many homes for sale in Mountains Edge, keeping homes relatively affordable for the quality that you get for your money.
  10. Mountains Edge has hospitals and shopping areas that are on pace with the best in the nation!

The Picturesque Community of Mountain's Edge

Mountain’s Edge, Nevada was designed in 2004 by Focus Property Group as an all-inclusive, master-planned safe haven for nature lovers and enthusiasts of Las Vegas and the American Southwest to settle for good in comfort with all the amenities demanded by modern life. Once homes, schools, hospitals and businesses were constructed, a boom in home buying in the area was soon to follow, culminating in Mountain’s Edge being voted the number one master-planned community in the entire United States!  Checkout the beautiful Summerlin homes for sale Las Vegas NV.

After Focus Property Group, a local company with years and years of experience creating great residential experiences in the Las Vegas regional area, opened the community’s 14,500 homes to buyers around the world, demand was high. With 22 neighborhoods in the area from which to choose, people that look for Mountain’s Edge houses for sale in the Las Vegas, NV area are almost certain to find a space in Mountain’s Edge that meets their needs. The result was four straight years of being the highest selling master-planned community in U.S.

Neighborhoods and Schools

Mountain’s Edge is home to several great community schools and within short driving distance to others. The Wright and Reedom Elementary Schools are situated right here in Mountain’s Edge, while families have a choice between Canarelli, Faiss and Tarkanian Middle Schools and Southwest Tech, Sierra Vista and Desert Oasis for high school.

As far as Mountain’s Edge houses for sale near Las Vegas, if you’re searching, you should be confident in your ability to find something that’s perfect for your family and yourself. Mountain’s Edge has 22 different and diverse neighborhoods with homes ranging between $200,000 and $300,000 on average, so in this picturesque desert gem of a master-planned community, luxury is also affordable for all!  Take a peek at the Silverado Ranch homes for sale Las Vegas NV.

The 10 Best Places near Mountain’s Edge!

Things to Do in Mountain's Edge

Explore the Parks

The first thing to point out about what really makes Mountains Edge a special place to live is the number of activities arranged by the community itself. With charity 5k walks and runs, communal family activities and natural wonders as far as the eye can see, Mountain’s Edge is a sizable community that feels like one tight-knit neighborhood.  See the Rhodes Ranch homes for sale Las Vegas NV.

Residents of Mountains Edge houses for sale Las Vegas NV can and will explore the numerous and expansive local parks, the crown jewel of which is Exploration Peak and Exploration Park. This endless source of family fun is built atop a 2800-plus foot mountain, and includes biking and hiking trails, and a family fun park at the base of the mountain. This area has amenities for all types of visitors, including water park attractions, picnic areas, pavilions, concert venues — even an archeological dig site.

Other parks in the area include Nathaniel Jones Park and Paiute Park — proof that life in the Las Vegas regional area is more green than you might expect.

Visit the Vegas Strip

About 10 minutes from the center of it all, Mountains Edge residents can have the best of both worlds: the safety and tightness of a cozy community while also getting to experience the bustling activity of one of the world’s wonders.

If you enjoy gambling, world-entertaining, fine dining or all-around fun for all ages, the Vegas strip is the place for you! Las Vegas is also a hub for sporting events, including an arena close to the strip that hosts arena football, rodeo and hockey events, including possible NFL and NHL franchises in the near future!

Mountains Edge also boasts close proximity to the nearby McCarran International Airport, Red Rocks National Park and Wet n’ Wild Las Vegas Waterpark, so your day trip options don’t have to be limited to just a day; you have the world at your fingertips from your cosy home in Mountains Edge, Las Vegas NV.  Head over to the Providence homes for sale Las Vegas NV to see one of the fastest growing communities in the valley.