Aliante Homes For Sale Las Vegas NV!

A beautiful North Las Vegas community with mountain views, gorgeous golf courses and casino's.

Top 10 reasons to buy and live in and around Aliante Homes For Sale Las Vegas NV:

1. Schools – The community is the home to many schools which include elementary, secondary and high schools:

2. Restaurants – Bistro 57 found on 7300 Aliante Pkwy, Las Vegas, Firerock steak house, the charcoal room-Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino are among the many restaurants present near Aliante area to ensure that food matters are covered. There are all types of food and you do not have to go hungry as long as you live in this place.

3. The new VA hospital – Aliante is privileged to be the home to this great hospital that has all the machinery and staffs needed to ensure better health. When you buy a home in Aliante, health matters should be the least of your worries as that is already covered. There are other hospitals around this area like the North Vista Hospital and the University Medical Center.

4. The presence of shopping centers and a library just right on the Aliante Parkway will excite you too. There is the Deer Springs shopping area where you can get to shop for all the goodies that you wish. You can go shopping with family and friends. The Aliante Library gives you a privilege of reading your favorite book and doing your research without long travels.

5. Aliante Casino and Hotel is one of the greatest and famous casinos in Las Vegas. You can have all the fun you need here with its excellent dance floor and gaming activities after purchashing Aliante homes for sale Las Vegas NV. It is a beautiful place to relax your mind and fun and have a good time with friends

6. Aliante Nature Discovery Park is in the list of the best parks in Las Vegas, and Aliante is lucky to own it. There is also the Aviary Park and Nature Park where you can go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful view of nature when you buy Aliante homes for sale Las Vegas NV.

7.Silver Sky at Deer Springs is an assisted living facility near the Aliante homes for sale Las Vegas NV. This is of great help if you have any of your relative that needs to be in an assisted living as you will not have to worry about them being very far from you since the facility is located nearby.

8. Public transport is not an issue as there is a variety of options to choose from. To travel to the Aliante Library, Aliante Casino & Hotel or any other central place in Aliante, you can go by bus since many public roads lead to those areas.

9. It is just a short distance from McCarran International Airport and Las Vegas Strip. This makes it a nice place for business as it is easy to access the other parts of the world and do goods importation and exportation.

10. The ETA Lounge at Aliante is a great place if you are looking for a fantastic time. There are plenty of drinks and dances to keep you up and entertained the whole night. They have delicious cocktails and sleek décor; thus, it is the best place to be if you are to get loose.

Aliante Homes For Sale Las Vegas NV

In the Northern area of Las Vegas of the Las Vegas valley, there is a community called Aliante, which is loaded with Aliante homes for sale. It is located near the foothills of Nevada’s sheep mountain range. The community has more than 6500 homes, and it is on 1920 acres of land. This neighborhood has a variety of shopping areas, casinos, and dining options. It consists of different home styles and buildings. The houses consist of large family style homes, family starters, and the assisted living homes. There are also a variety of luxury homes amongst the Aliante homes for sale.  Take a peak at our Providence homes for sale Las Vegas NV.

The community originated in 2002. It is located in northern Las Vegas, and it has a lot of shopping amenities, beautiful scenery, and employment opportunities. This area has many developers and has been involved in the development of some new communities in Las Vegas.  Take a peek at the Rhodes Ranch homes for sale Las Vegas NV.

It is every individual’s dream to live in a peaceful and friendly community. A place where you feel comfortable with your neighbors and you get everything you need around you. You would not want to live in a place whereby you have to travel for hours to do shopping or to have a very good time with your friends and family.  When you buy an Aliante home, you will now be living in this place.

The 10 Best Places near Aliante!

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You will find many walking trails, parks, and more recreation facilities and this makes Aliante an excellent place for work and playing. There are also a variety of trail shops like the CVS Pharmacy, the North Las Vegas Athletic Club, and the Albertson’s shopping center. You will never be idle as long as you are in this place since the list of fun activities is endless. The beauty surrounding Aliante homes will amaze you with the Nevada trails located in the suburb so that you get to enjoy both the city and the suburban life.  Check out the Silverado Ranch homes for sale Las Vegas NV before you leave.

Aliante is one of the biggest communities found in Las Vegas. It is known for its outstanding features and beautiful sceneries. There are varieties of homes for sale in Aliante which go at affordable prices, and is something you would not want to miss. The homes come in different styles, and there are varieties both for family starters and large families. Aliante homes for sale are located in beautiful strategic places surrounded by amenities and infrastructure. Moreover, the neighborhood is developed hence it is also an ideal location to set businesses and create employment opportunities.  Have you looked at Summerlin homes for sale Las Vegas NV yet?